The Intro To Jazz Series (Parts 1-4)

This Faux Show series is designed to provide an introduction to jazz. I love this music, and I believe many people avoid it because they have never had the opportunity to learn how to listen to it. Listening to and enjoying jazz is not hard with just a little bit of education. Most importantly, I believe that many people are taught that jazz is too intellectual for them to understand. Most of us don’t have someone in our lives to introduce us to the music, so we avoid it due to these fears and conceits that can be cured with just a little bit of information.

I designed this Intro to Jazz series as a basic introduction. It isn’t a complete history of jazz or a detailed discussion of the music theory behind the music. There is a little bit of history and theory included, but at an easy to understand level, and only as a method for explaining the music as something to which everyone should be able to relate.

I believe that jazz is the one form of music that can connect all of us, no matter our background, age, beliefs, or experience. Jazz is life.

Part 1: The Anatomy of a Jazz Tune

Part 2: The Concept of Standards in Jazz

Part 3: The Importance of the Rhythm Section in Jazz

Part 4: My Top 20 Jazz Albums Featuring Horns (Intro to Horns)