Who am I?

I am DeeJay Faux.

In a past life, I was a deejay for a free format college radio station, and this radio experience defines the format of the Radio Faux Show.

More importantly, I am a self-described Music Geek. Most people enjoy listening to music (god have mercy on the souls of those who don’t), but my relationship with music runs much deeper than a casual enjoyment of listening to songs. Some would call it a passion, others would call it an obsession, and my wife (Ms. Faux) calls it something I do instead of washing the dishes. But no matter how you define it, if you share the passion then you understand the rewards that such a love for music can bring to your life.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t listening to music. I may not have been aware of it at a young age, but I have been collecting music knowledge for over 50 years. What started as listening to songs on the AM Radio in the car, hearing show tunes sung by my mother, and purchasing the pop hits of the day on 45 RPM records has continued to grow through grade school and college and into my older years. I was in a band for many years in my young adulthood and everyone in my family (DeeJay Faux, Ms. Faux, and Faux Junior) is both a musician and a lover of music. Our house is always filled with music being played or performed. We all love to listen to music and discuss music, and everyone contributes to the music of each Faux Show.

As for the Radio Faux Show itself, I’ve been creating Faux Show playlists since March of 2021 and created the Radio Faux Show blog in July of 2021. But this is all an extension of decades of music sharing. Like so many music geeks, I used to create mix-tapes to share with friends. Around the turn of the century, affordable CD burners were made available and the sharing of mix-CDs became possible. Now we live in a world where streaming services provide the ability to share playlists with everyone. Throughout all of these format changes, the goal has always been for people to share music with others.

The Radio Faux Show is an extension of my love for music sharing. It also provides me an avenue to continue my music education on a daily basis. Even after 50 years of learning, I find no end to the amount of old and new music to discover. I hope this show gives you the opportunity to learn along with me and listen to both music that you already love as well as music you haven’t discovered yet.


Special thanks to Ms. Faux for all of her assistance as editor, art director, photographer, site designer, and main provider of moral support. She has tolerated my music obsession for decades and I love her for allowing me to pursue this latest venture of music geekness. In her role as editor, she strongly suggested that I include these acknowledgments.

Special thanks also to Faux Junior for sharing my music geekness and taking part in more trivial music conversations than one would think possible in one lifetime.