What is The Radio Faux Show?

Beginning with Volume 3, Number 2, the Radio Faux Show is a combination blog and playlist designed around music education. The shows are designed to be informative while also presenting music for your listening enjoyment. Some shows still follow the format of the first two volumes, while others are presented in a variety of formats with varying purposes.

The original Radio Faux Show (Volumes 1 and 2) was a combination blog and playlist modelled after the free format radio stations that air across college campuses and metropolitan areas. Although many of these radio stations still exist, they had their heyday during the last few decades of the 20th century before streaming replaced radio as everyone’s primary source of music. Each Faux Show was built around a central theme along with other mini-themes and provides a weekly two-hour long block of music spanning all decades and genres.

The goal of the Faux Show is to entertain and inform. Each show is presented for listening via a playlist in both Spotify and Amazon Music formats, and is designed to introduce the listener to music they may not have heard before as well as explore music we all know and love. Each show is also a blog that explores the themes, artists, and songs included in the show and provides links to related articles and videos.

On a personal level, creating the Faux Show brings back the joy of being a deejay again and pushes me to continue my music education. I hope you listen, read, and enjoy!