Radio Faux Show Volume 1, Number 1 (March 7, 2021): Tony Visconti

Radio Faux Show Volume 1, Number 1 (March 7, 2021): Tony Visconti

This week’s theme: Music produced by Tony Visconti

Tony Visconti was a prolific producer who worked with some of the most influential artists in rock and roll history. He helped shape the sound of rock in the ’70s and his influence is still heard today.

Welcome to the first edition of the Radio Faux Show.

First things first – click a link to start listening and then come back to read about this week’s songs.


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Theme Highlights

T. Rex “Ride a White Swan”: Produced in 1970, this song birthed glam rock. It was the first song released by T. Rex after shortening their name, and peaked at # 2 on the British charts. Marc Bolan even plays Tony Visconti’s bass on the recording.

David Bowie “Sound and Vision”: This first single from the album Low (part of Bowie’s Berlin trilogy) was released in 1977. It features Brian Eno on backing vocals along with Visconti’s wife at the time, Welsh singer Mary Hopkin. This period in Bowie’s evolution greatly advances his sound away from his earlier glam rock albums and this song is one of the best examples. The song’s drum sounds are produced with Visconti’s Eventide H910 Harmonizer.

Moody Blues “Your Wildest Dreams”: Produced in 1986, this was a surprise change in the sound of the band and was all the result of Visconti’s production mastery. It is one of the best examples of Visconti’s ability to blend his skills in production, electronic music, and programming cohesively into the sound of the artist. In this case, it produced the bands second biggest US hit after previously peaking 15 years earlier.

Artist of the week: South Korean group Leenalchi

Leenalchi combine modern production with traditional Korean folk music. They are also the music behind the Feel the Rhythm of Korea series of commercials created by the South Korean tourism board. All of the videos combine the music of Leenalchi with choreography by the Ambiguous Dance Company. The video selected here features the stars of the show 2 Days 1 Night, a weekly favorite a the Faux home, and a show that helped not only us but people throughout the world find joy during 2020.

3 Chunks of Funk

A trio of ’70s funk, including David Garibaldi of Tower of Power giving one of the greatest funk drum performances ever recorded on “Squib Cakes.”

Tower of Power “Squib Cakes: One of the most underrated funk bands, but their fans know that they belong on the list with the JBs, P-Funk, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and the rest of the most celebrated funk acts.

Average White Band “Cut the Cake”: AWB put out some great funk in the ’70s, including the funk classic “Pick Up The Pieces.” Did you know they are from Scotland?

Cymande The Message”: Cymande are a lesser known funk band from London who put out a few nice albums in the early ’70s.

David Garibaldi explains the most important drum beat he ever learned

A Little Jazz

Dezron Douglas “Sing”: Recorded in 2020 during quarantine in New York, Dezron Douglas’ album Force Majeure is a collection of beautiful, intimate duets by Douglas (bass) and Brandee Younger (harp).

Errol Garner “I Want to Be Happy”: One of many great tunes from Errol Garner.

Let’s Take A Trip Around The World


Fela Kuti “Water No Get Enemy”: One of the most important artists that most people have never heard of. This is one of many amazing tracks by Fela Kuti.


Siti Muharam “Mashozi Ya Huba”: Muharam’s album Siti of Unguja is one of my favorite discoveries of 2020.


Virginia Rodrigues Canto de Pedro Penta”: Rodrigues has one of the most gorgeous voices in the world. After singing in church for years, she was discovered at the age of 34 by Brazilian music legend Caetano Veloso.


Can Come Sta, La Luna”: This is the second track off of one of Can’s lesser know albums, Soon Over Babaluma. This is the first album after vocalist Damo Suzuki left the band, but I’ve always liked how this album grooves.

All Gates Open by Rob Young and Irmin Schmidt is an incredible book about one of the most important bands that most people have never heard of. They were called Can.

2 for “Two”day

Ray Charles: One from the Atlantic years and one from Volume 2 of his classic 1962 R&B/Country albums

Robert Plant: One ’80s classic and one from his collaboration with Alison Krauss


Robert Plant “Big Log”

The Moody Blues “Your Wildest Dreams”

Duran Duran “Rio”

Prince “I Would Die 4 U”

Songs You May Not Know

Scott Walker “Track Three”

Japan “The Other Side Of Life”

Difficult Listening

James White and the Blacks “Contort Yourself”

This song is a classic of the No Wave movement of the late ’70s and early ’80s. This movement produced some great avant garde artists, along with a lot of music you know.

“Christmas Wrapping” from No Wave label ZE Records’ Christmas compilation

New Music

Leenalchi “Tiger is Coming”: Artist of the Week

Weezer All My Favorite Songs” from the album OK Human

Dezron Douglas “Sing”

Siti Muharam “Mashozi Ya Huba”: From her great 2020 album Siti of Unguja

Sault “I Just Want To Dance”

Happy Birthday (March 7)

Chris White: Chris White was bassist for The Zombies on all of their classic albums, including one of the greatest albums ever recorded (Odessey and Oracle). He also composed several songs, including “This Will Be Our Year.”

Townes Van Zandt: Townes Van Zandt is one of my personal favorite songwriters and “Two Hands” is one of his more upbeat compositions. All of his albums are worth a listen and his influence spans enough artists for him to be a theme on his own.

The Get Down

The Sequence “And You Know That”: Old school hip hop from Sugarhill Records’ glory days.

The Jungle Brothers “Straight Out the Jungle”: A classic from one of the original new school rap groups.

Sault “I Just Want to Dance”: A new song from one of the best albums of 2020, Untitled (Rise).

Thanks for listening (and reading)!

Track List

1LeenalchiTiger is Coming
2Tower of PowerSquib Cakes
3Average White BandCut the Cake
4CymandeThe Message
5Ray CharlesTell All the World About You
6Ray CharlesYou Are My Sunshine
7ZombiesThis Will Be Our Year
8WeezerAll My Favorite Songs
9BeatlesFool on the Hill
10T. RexRide a White Swan
11Dezron DouglasSing
12Errol GarnerI Want to be Happy
13Fela KutiWater No Get Enemy
14Siti MuharamMashozi Ya Huba
15Virginia RodriguesCanto de Pedro Penta
16CanCome Sta, La Luna
17David BowieSound and Vision
18Robert PlantBig Log
19Robert PlantGone Gone Gone
20Townes Van ZandtTwo Hands
21James White and the BlacksContort Yourself
22The SequenceAnd You Know That
23The Jungle BrothersStraight Out the Jungle
24SaultI Just Want to Dance
25Moody BluesYour Wildest Dreams
26Scott WalkerTrack Three
27JapanThe Other Side of Life
28Duran DuranHungry Like the Wolf
29PrinceI Would Die 4 U

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