Radio Faux Show Volume 1, Number 15 (June 13, 2021): Electronic Music

Radio Faux Show Volume 1, Number 15 (June 13, 2021): Electronic Music

This Week’s Theme: Electronic Music

This is the last of the old Faux Show’s left to migrate over to this blog. If this was a new show, I would provide a lot more information than I am going to present here, especially since this is such a rich topic and this show is the first to really sound like what the shows have now become. The songs presented provide a two-hour journey through the history of electronic music, and as such this is the first show to really attempt any sort of musical education. One can never cover the entire realm of a musical topic in just two hours, but that was at least the attempt when I curated this show in June of 2021. It is also a leap forward in the shows in that it covers one major theme across all of the songs, but also presents those songs in a variety of mini-themes.

If you are new to the Radio Faux Show, I hope you will check out the newer shows. However, this one is a good place to start for simply listening to how the show sounds. Either way, I am just happy to have finally caught up on these old shows so that I can now just focus on the new ones. Huzzah!

Welcome to Radio Faux Show number fifteen.

First things first – click a link to start listening and then come back to read about this week’s songs.


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Theme Highlights

I’ll keep it simple and say that there are a lot of highlights in this show, but listening to it now all these months later I especially enjoy the more experimental selections (El-Dabh, Silver Apples, Stockhausen, Le Group, Wiggen, and Grossi) which provide a broad sample of the development of different electronic compositional techniques. Delia Derbyshire is the Artist of the Week, and you would be wise to watch one of the short YouTube documentaries about her work and influence on the evolution of electronic music. Listening to “Popcorn” and “Syncopated Clock” is really amusing. The MTV set (Faltermeyer, Eurythmics, and New Order) is a great example of how electronic music took hold of the world in the ’80s. The Get Down set (Bambaataa, Newcleus, and Warp 9) is old school hip hop at its finest. The three tracks from the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest (Dadi Freyr, Go_A, and The Roop) are really fun. Most of all, I love how much this whole set is a non-stop groovefest.

Thanks for listening (and reading)!

Track List

TrackArtistSong Title
1Halim El-DabhLeila Visitations Eleven
2BeatlesTomorrow Never Knows
3Silver ApplesOscillations
4Delia DarbyshireDoctor Who Opening Theme
5Gershon KingsleyPopcorn
6Isao TomitaSyncopated Clock
7Harold FaltermeyerAxel F
8EurythmicsSweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
9New OrderTrue Faith
10Karlheinz StockhausenBeton-Studie
11Afrika BambaataaPlanet Rock
12NewcleusJam on Revenge (The Wikki Wikki Song)
13Warp 9Nunk (New Wave Funk)
14Brad MehldauProverb of Ashes
15ThundercatFunny Thing
16Le Group de recherches musicales de la R.T.F.Reflects
17King TubbyKing Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
18Yellow Magic OrchestraBehind the Mask
19KraftwerkThe Model
20Dadi Freyr10 Years
22Roop, TheDiscoteque
23Fatboy SlimThe Rockafeller Skank
24MadonnaRay of Light
25ColdcutDoctorin’ the House
26deadmau5Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff
27Daft PunkHarder, Better, Faster
28WeezerHappy Hour
29Knut WiggenSommarmorgon
30Pietro GrossiPreludio II (J.S. Bach)
31DevoThat’s Good
32Gary NumanMetal
33Depeche ModeDreaming of Me
35Brian EnoKurt’s Rejoinder
36Brian EnoSt Elmo’s Fire

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