Radio Faux Show Volume 2, Number 19 (May 22, 2022): Recently Listened To

Radio Faux Show Volume 2, Number 19 (May 22, 2022): Recently Listened To

This Week’s Theme: Recently Listened To

As I mentioned last week, the themes of the Faux Shows are going to be less complex for a while and require a lot less research. The shows are also going to be bi-weekly for a while, so the next show will drop on June 5. This week’s show is a collection of songs that I have listened to over the last few weeks.

Welcome to Radio Faux Show Volume 2, Number 19.

First things first – click a link to start listening and then come back to read about this week’s songs.


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Why Did I Listen To These Songs?

Because this may end up being the greatest funk song written in the 21st century. Mick Ronson with Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk”

Because I listen to music like this when I am working. Casiopea “Time Limit,” Hiroshima “Lion Dance” and Spyro Gyra “Taking the Plunge (For Jennifer),”

Because “K for the way my deejay kuttin’; other MCs, man you ain’t sayin’ nuttin’. Rockin’ on to the break of dawn; I think Code Money your time is on.” Schoolly D “Free Style Cutting”:

Because I listened to these while driving around with Faux, Jr. Andrew Bird “Masterfade,” Broadcast “Black Cat,” Ray Charles “Tell All The World About You,” Nick Drake “Road,” Fishmans “Weather Report,” The Police “Too Much Information,” The Raincoats “No Side To Fall In,” R.E.M. “At My Most Beautiful,” Sonny Rollins “Pent-Up House,” Spoon “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb,” Steely Dan “Razor Boy,” Stereolab “Pack Yr Romantic Mind,” and Talking Heads “Take Me To The River”

Because I listened to these while cooking with Ms. Faux. Jorge Ben “Xica Da Silva,” Billy Joel “Vienna,” Joni Mitchell “Raised on Robbery,” and Morphine “Buena”

Because a new documentary about this great band was just released on Hulu. Morphine “Buena”

Because I love this album. Dire Straits “Why Worry” and Jethro Tull “Really Don’t Mind/See There a Son is Born”

Because Ms. Faux and I saw a performer sing a rendition of this song as if it is happy when it is not – this is Ms. Faux’s Number One pet peeve about incorrect song interpretation. Bill Evans and Tony Bennett “Some Other Time” (in this version, Tony Bennett does NOT misinterpret the song)

Because Ms. Faux and I saw that same performer do a wonderful version of this song. Stevie Wonder “Whereabouts”

Because I just discovered how great Grand Funk are. Grand Funk Railroad “Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother”

Thanks for listening (and reading)!

TrackArtistSong Title
1Mark Ronson with Bruno MarsUptown Funk
2CasiopeaTime Limit
3Talking HeadsTake Me To The River
5The PoliceToo Much Information
6Jorge BenXica Da Silva
7FishmansWeather Report
8Dire StraitsWhy Worry
9R.E.M.At My Most Beautiful
10Nick DrakeRoad
11Spyro GyraTaking The Plunge (For Jennifer)
12Bill Evans & Tony BennettSome Other Time
13Andrew BirdMasterfade
14StereolabPack Yr Romantic Mind
15BroadcastBlack Cat
16The RaincoatsNo Side To Fall In
17SpoonYou Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
18Jethro TullReally Don’t Mind/See There A Son Is Born
19Grand Funk RailroadSin’s A Good Man’s Brother
20Joni MitchellRaised On Robbery
21Ray CharlesTell All the World About You
22Sonny RollinsPent-Up House
23Stevie WonderWhereabouts
24Schooly DFree Style Cutting
25HiroshimaLion Dance
26Steely DanRazor Boy
27Billy JoelVienna

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