Announcement: The New Radio Faux Show

Announcement: The New Radio Faux Show

Welcome to the new Radio Faux Show! After two years of making the Radio Faux Show and providing over eighty posts and playlists, I have decided to change the format. I may return to the old format now and then if the mood strikes me, but the regularly scheduled, regimented format of the old show was starting to negatively impact my ability to create the shows. For that reason, I believe a change makes sense and will help me maintain my interest in creating the shows.

I often imagine the Faux Show as what I wish the 16-year-old me had been able to access in order to learn about music. That is, how can I help a young music lover learn about music that took me decades to learn about before streaming and easy access to all music was commonplace. The 16-year old me would have loved to have had access to the entire recorded history of the world. However, with such easy access, the need to be very discerning is no longer tied to tangible cost like it used to be. In fact, I think there is an intangible, negative cost to this new world of musical riches, measured in wasted time, because access to ALL music, including all the bad music, is not useful without something or someone to guide you. To use the old phrase, randomly finding quality music in the tens of millions of songs available with a few clicks of a button is like finding a needle in a haystack. In this spirit, I am changing the format of the Faux Show to one of musical education. My hope is that you can find a show focused on a style that you don’t know or understand very well and learn to appreciate that style.

The other major shift is that old shows were strictly built to be exactly two hours long. This helped me select songs that best fit the show by providing an artificial construct around which to build the playlist. I am now going to change the time limit to a song limit. Depending on the show, this may be ten songs or twenty songs or whatever number best works for each show.

The first show of this new format will release soon, so stay tuned!

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